Sheptytsky Institute Greets New Secretary of the Oriental Congregation

Archbishop Vasil (left) Receives Logos Journal from Fr. Peter Galadza

The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies of Saint Paul University in Ottawa recently greeted the new Secretary of the Vatican Congregation for the Eastern Churches. On behalf of the Institute’s director, Fr. Stephen Wojcichowsky, a complete set of the Institute’s journal, Logos, was presented to Archbishop Cyril Vasil, SJ by Fr. Peter Galadza at the Congregation’s offices in Rome. Archbishop Vasil, a Slovak Greek Catholic Jesuit, was consecrated bishop in June and immediately took up the position of secretary of the Congregation. Vasil is the youngest archbishop in the entire Catholic Church. After a distinguished career as professor of canon law at the famed Pontifical Oriental Institute (POI) in Rome, he was elected the POI’s rector. After little more than a year in that position, he was elevated to the archepiscopacy. As secretary of the Oriental Congregation, Archbishop Vasil is the next highest ranking official of the Congregation, after the Cardinal Prefect, Leonardo Sandri. The Congregation has oversight for all of the Eastern Catholic Churches throughout the world.

Archbishop Vasil was very pleased to receive the Sheptytsky Institute’s journal, and noted that it will be added to the Oriental Congregation’s library. Fr. Galadza told the Archbishop about plans to celebrate the Sheptytsky Institute’s twenty-fifth anniversary in 2011. It is hoped that a representative of the Oriental Congregation will be able to visit the Institute for one of the events marking the anniversary.

Archbishop Vasil was born in the historic Eastern Slovak city of Kosice. His father is also a Greek Catholic priest and was present in Rome this summer for his son’s consecration to the episcopate.

The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies is an academic unit of the Faculty of theology of Saint Paul University. Through the faculty, it offers degree programs from the certificate (eight courses) to a bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. Saint Paul University has the largest religion library in all of the Canada, and is one the ten largest in all of North America. Its size – over 500,000 volumes in theology, church history, canon law etc – is due to the fact that is contains the religion collection of the original University of Ottawa, founded over 150 years ago.