Fr. Andriy Chirovsky receives icon with imbedded relics

Fr. Andriy receives the icon from the Sisters of St. Joseph

Fr. Andriy Chirovsky receives icon with imbedded relics of Venerable Martyrs Olympia and Laurentia from the Sisters of St. Joseph while visiting the imposing shrine of the two neomartyrts in Saskatoon and the magnificent St. Joseph’s Home, a nursing facility owned and staffed by the nuns in the same city. Fr. Andriy appealed for a broader movement in the Ukrainian Catholic Church worldwide to spread the cult of the neomartyrs.

Fr. Andriy, Peter and Doris Kule Professor of Eastern Christian Theology and Spirituality at the Sheptytsky Institute, was in Saskatoon as a consultant to Bp. Bryan Bayda and St. George’s Cathedral Parish and delivered a presentation entitled “Time, Tradition and Church Calendars” at the cathedral parish Monday April 27. The following day he also spoke to two groups of High School students in the Ukrainian Bilingual Program of the Saskatoon Catholic School Board, at Bethlehem High School and Bishop Mahoney High School. His topics were “Understanding the History and the context of Orthodox-Catholic Relations” and “The Setting of Byzantine Liturgical Architecture as a Call to Understand our Destiny to Live in Glorified Bodies in the Coming Kingdom”.

Fr. Chirovsky and Bp. Bryan also met with Mrs. Mary Cherneskey, one of the Charter Members of the Sheptytsky Institute Foundation and long-time representative of the Eparchy of Saskatoon on the MASIF Board.