Mounted Icons Prints for our Donors


During the Fall 2015 fundraising direct mail campaign, the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute Foundation offered a special gift to benefactors who donated $500 or more: a mounted icon print of Venerable Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, blessed by none other than the saintly Metropolitan’s current successor, Patriarch Sviatoslav, father and head of the worldwide Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church. The photo shows Patriarch Sviatoslav blessing the icons at his residence in Kyiv, with Fr. Andriy Nahirniak looking on. The offer continues for supporters who would like to acquire this unique icon with a special historic value. In 2015, Pope Francis proclaimed Metropolitan Andrey to be a man of heroic virtue, who is now to be titled “Venerable”. His beatification is expected in the not too distant future, since a healing miracle from the United States attributed to Metr. Andrey, and certified by an ecclesiastical commission, has already been submitted to a panel of physicians who advise the Vatican on whether there is any possible medical reason for the healing. Since it is believed that there is indeed no medical explanation for the healing of the child suffering from cancer, many believe that beatification will soon follow. Unfortunately, the process has on several occasions fallen prey to outside interests who have lobbied against the beatification for reasons that are much more political than theological. Sheptytsky Institute founder Fr. Andriy Chirovsky calls on people of good will to continue to pray for the cause of beatification: “Truth is on our side. Many of us have seen the fruits of and personally experienced the heavenly assistance of Metr. Andrey. Perhaps the delay in his beatification and canonization is meant to challenge us to be more like the saintly metropolitan and pray more consistently. Metr. Andrey especially asked for us to pray daily for the gift of Divine Wisdom.”