L.Th. in Eastern Christian Studies (Ecclesiastical Degree)

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The aim of the Licenciate in Theology (L.Th.) (ECS) is the training of professional theologians. It intends to help candidates:

  1. improve their knowledge of the nature, history and methods of theology;
  2. begin to specialize in Eastern Christian Studies as a particular area of theology.

Admission Requirements

Also refer to General Academic Regulations

  1. The candidate must hold an ecclesiastical B.Th. or a degree deemed equivalent by the Faculty with minimum second class standing (B average).
  2. The candidate must have a mastery of one of the two official languages of the University (French or English) and a passive knowledge (ability to follow lectures and to read) of the other official language.
  3. The candidate must supply two reference letters on forms provided by the Faculty. The references should be written by persons from an academic milieu.
  4. The candidate registering in Eastern Christian Studies, must have demonstrated a certain level of knowledge in the concentration.
  5. To be admitted to the second year of the L.Th. program, the candidate must have sufficient knowledge of Latin (Level I – Introduction).
  6. To be admitted to the second year of the L.Th. program in E.C.S., the candidate must also have a sufficient knowledge of Greek. Other ancient or modern languages may be required depending on the area of research chosen.

Degree Requirements

The L.Th. in Eastern Christian Studies is a program consisting of 51 credits:

  1. 30 credits similar in structure to the M.A.(Th.)(ECS) program.
  2. 21 credits divided as follows:
  • two courses in the concentration (6 credits)
  • one course in any other concentration (3 credits)
  • THO 6105 Important Theological Syntheses (3 credits); (for information please contact the administration office)
  • one course at the University of Ottawa in training for teaching or its equivalent (3 credits)
  • major paper of approximately 40 pages in the student’s concentration (6 credits)

Residence and Time Limit

It is possible to complete the L.Th.(ECS) on a part-time basis. The candidate must complete all degree requirements within six years from the date of first registration in the program.

Transfer from Other Universities

Students registering in the L.Th.(ECS) program at Saint Paul University after having completed graduate studies at another institution may be granted advanced standing for successfully completed courses. However, all L.Th. candidates must complete 27 credits, of which a research paper (6 credits) and THO 6105 Important Theological Syntheses (3 credits) at Saint Paul University. For information, please contact the Administration Office.

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