St. John of Damascus – On the Orthodox Faith

THO 6382 Foundational Texts in Eastern Christian Theology (Winter 2016 – Rev. Dr. Andriy Chirovsky)

Primary Resources: Greek

Migne, J. P., ed. Cursus Completus Patrologiae Graecae. Volume 94. Paris. 1857.
SPU Library: BQ 310 M34 1857- 94

Primary Resources: English

John of Damascus. “Exposition of the Orthodox Faith.” In Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers, Volume 9: Hiliary of Poitiers, John of Damascus, Second Series. Edited by Philip Schaff and Henry Wace. Reprint of 1899 edition published by Charles Scribner’s Sons. Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson Publishers, Inc., 1994.
SPU Library: BQ 354 S44S33 1956- 9

John of Damascus. “Exposition of the Orthodox Faith.”
Online: Christian Classics Ethereal Library ( (accessed July 28, 2011).

John of Damascus. “Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith.”
Online: St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church (Dallas, Texas) website ( (accessed July 28, 2011).

John of Damascus, St. “The Orthodox Faith.” In Saint John of Damascus. Writings, translated by Frederic H. Chase, Jr., 165-406. Fathers of the Church, 37. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 1958.
SPU Library: BQ 314 F38S34 1947- 37

St. John of Damascus. “Exposition of the Orthodox Faith.”
Online: Orthodox Christian Information Center website ( (accessed March 6, 2005).

St. John of Damascus. “An Exposition of the Orthodox Faith.”
Online: New Advent website ( (accessed July 28, 2011).

Zisis, Theodore. “St. John of Damascus and the ‘Orthodoxy’ of the Non-Chalcedonians.” Gregorios Ho Palamas 744 (Sep-Oct 1992), 1133-1144.
Online: ( (accessed July 28, 2011).

Primary Resources: French

Saint-Jean Damascène. La foi orthodoxe suivie de défense des icônes. Traduction, introduction et notes par E. Ponsoye. Saint-Denys, Paris : Institut français de théologie de Paris, 1966.
SPU Library: BQ 1567 F6F7P6 1966

Primary Sources in Latin

John Damascene, Saint. De Fide Orthodoxa. Versions of Burgundio and Cerbanus. Edited by Eligius M. Buytaert, OFM. Franciscan Institute Publications Text Series, 8. St. Bonaventure, New York: Franciscan Institute / Louvain: E. Nauwelaerts / Paderborn, Germany: F. Schoningh, 1955.
SPU Library: BQ 1567 F6A2B88D4 1955  The introduction of this book provides much information on the received text of “De Fide Orthodoxa.”

Secondary Sources

Armitage, Nicholas. “The Eucharistic Theology of the Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith (De Fide Orthodoxa) of Saint John Damascene.” Ostkirchline Studien 44 (1995): 292-308.
SPU Library: Per BQX 5402 O50

Chevalier, S.J., C. La Mariologie de saint Jean Damascène. Orientalia Christiana Analecta, 109. Rome: Pontificale Institutum Orientalium Studorium, 1936.
SPU Library: BQX 5404 O75C47 1923- 109

de Passalacqua, Br. Anthony. “A Comparative Study of the Theological Approaches of Saint John of Damascus and Saint Theodore of Studion to the Iconoclastic Heresy.” In Following the Star from the East: Essays in Honour of Archimandrite Boniface Luykx, edited by Andriy M. Chirovsky, 136-153. Ottawa, Chicago, Lviv: Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies, Saint Paul University, 1992.
SPU Library: BQX 6381 L89F65C4 1992

Edmunds, Dionysios. “Saint John of Damascus on the Soul After Death.” Diakonia 31 (1998): 139-146.
SPU Library: Per BQX 5402 D53

Gendle, Nicholas. “Creation and Incarnation in the Iconology of St. John of Damascus.” In Aksum Thyateira: A Festschrift for Archbishop Methodios of Thyateira and Great Britain, edited by George Dion Dragas, 639-645. London: Thyateira House, 1985.
SPU Library: BQX 5876.3 A58D72 1985

Grégoire, José. “Le Relation éternelle de l’Esprit au Fils d’après les écrits de Jean de Damas.” Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique 64 (1969):713-755.

Hogan, Joseph. “Our Bodily Union with Christ.” Diakonia 16,1 (1981): 10-15.
SPU Library: Per BQX 5402 D53

Louth, Andrew. St. John Damascene: Tradition and Originality in Byzantine Theology. Oxford, England & New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.
SPU Library: BQ 1572 T4L68S8 2002 Look especially at the chapter entitled, “Defining the Faith.”

Marx, Patricia. “Visual Perception and Cognition in the Theology of Icons of John of Damascus.” Diakonia 31 (1998): 61-66.
SPU Library: Per BQX 5402 D53

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SPU Library: BQT 31 M34H58 1954

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SPU Library: Per BX 1 S34

Meany, James. The Image of God in Man According to the Doctrine of Saint John Damascene. Manila: San Jose Seminary, 1954.
SPU Library: BQ 1572 I5M43I5 1954

Nasrallah, Joseph. Saint Jean de Damas: Son Époque—Sa Vie—Son Oeuvre. Les Souvenirs Chrétiens de Damas, 2, Harissa: Imprimerie Saint Paul, 1950.
SPU Library: BQ 1547 N38S35 1950

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SPU Library: Per BX 1 S34

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SPU Library: BQ 1569 T85A58 1969

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Zhyrkova, Anna. “A Philosophical Explanation of Hypostatical Union in John Damascene’s Fount of Knowledge.”
Online: Theandros: An Online Journal of Orthodox Christian Theology and Philosophy ( (accessed July 28, 2011 – website hijacked – try at a later date when the authors have control of their site again.)

Encyclopedic References

Catholic Encyclopedia (1911), s.v. “St. John Damascene.”
Online: New Advent Website. ( (accessed July 28, 2011).


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