The Passing into Eternal Life of Eugene Cherwick, Founding President of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute Foundation (MASIF)

Remarks by Fr. Andriy Chirovsky, Founder of the Sheptytsky Institute

Eugene Cherwick, who passed away last week, surrounded by family and prayer, was our founding president of MASIF and led the organization for almost twenty years. His dedication to this cause was total. Eugene told me when I first met him in 1989 (at the founding of MASIF in Winnipeg on Labor Day Weekend) that he had amassed enough resources in business to now put them in investments and become a professional volunteer, working for various causes for the Ukrainian Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Community at large. How many people stop at “enough” and then give the rest of their lives to service?  That was the kind of man Eugene was. I loved him for his dedication and faithfulness – a dedication that continued even amid failing health. He was a good friend. A touching personal note: Eugene painted icons for each of his children and grandchildren as a loving personal gift. Eugene left us the Sheptytsky Institute Foundation.

May the Lord accept His servant Eugene into eternal joy:  “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

With the saints gives rest O Lord to your newly reposed servant Eugene. May his memory be everlasting!  Вічная пам’ять!

Andriy, sinner -priest


Fr. Terry Cherwick, son of the late Eugene Cherwick, holds an icon of the Mother of God that he painted with his late father during the last months of Eugene’s life. The Sheptytsky Institute’s acting director, Fr. Peter Galadza, travelled to Winnipeg to visit with the Cherwick Family and pay his respects the Friday before the funeral. Fr. Galadza conveyed the profound sympathy of the entire Sheptytsky Institute community to Lillian, Eugene’s wife of more than 50 years, as well as Eugene’s children and grandchildren