Daniel Galadza Defends Doctoral Dissertation in Rome

Daniel Galadza Defends Doctoral Dissertation in Rome – Receives Position at University of Vienna

 OTTAWA – On January 28, the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome was the site of the doctoral defense of Daniel Galadza of Ottawa, Canada. Galadza is a former student of Ottawa’s Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies. The topic of his dissertation was “The Liturgical Byzantinization of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem.” It had been suggested to him three years earlier by his mentor, Fr. Robert Taft, SJ. Galadza had worked as research assistant to Fr. Robert Taft, SJ during the last years of the renowned Byzantine liturgist’s work in Rome.

Prof. Stefano Parenti, the supervisor of the dissertation, pointed out how the topic enabled Galadza to master the history of the Byzantine Rite during the first millennium. “This is an excellent foundation onto which he can build his study of the subsequent centuries,” said Parenti, who has taken over the mantle of Fr. Taft as Rome’s pre-eminent specialist on Byzantine worship.

“Much has been written about the influence of Jerusalem on Constantinople, but far less about the reverse influences,” said Galadza.

One of the two external readers, Prof. Bert Groen, who is UNESCO Professor at the University of Graz, opened his remarks at the defense thus: “I am from northern Holland. We northern Dutch rarely give compliments. I must say, however, that this dissertation is magnificent!”

Among the many observers at the defense were two Ukrainian Catholic bishops, their Excellencies Borys Gudziak of Paris and Hlib Lonchyna of London. Bishop Gudziak spoke at the luncheon following the defense.

Daniel Galadza is the son of Fr. Peter and Olenka Hanushevska-Galadza and the nephew of Fr. Roman Galadza, who also attended the defense. “Naturally, we are very proud of our son,” Fr. Peter remarked, “but we are even happier that he already has a job. Byzantine liturgy is not exactly a field in which you can expect to be gainfully employed these days.”

On April 8, Daniel Galadza will take up a position at the University of Vienna in Austria. He has received a six-year post-doctoral fellowship in the University’s Faculty of Catholic Theology.

Galadza earned his B.A. at the University of Toronto (Trinity College) and went on to pursue a Bachelor of Theology at Saint Paul University’s Sheptytsky Institute. In 2008 he began his licentiate in Rome, and the following year his doctorate. In 2011 he was awarded a year-long junior fellowship at Harvard University’s Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Research Center in Washington, DC.

During these years Galadza studied various languages. Building on his earlier knowledge of French, he has mastered Italian (the language in which the doctoral defense was conducted), and received scholarships to study German, modern Greek and Georgian. Latin and Greek were part of his undergraduate training. His knowledge of Russian enabled him recently to present a paper in that language at an international conference in Moscow. He has also presented papers in Finland, the USA, Italy, Greece, Israel and Lebanon.

A “matura” graduate of the Lesia Ukrainka School of Ukrainian Studies in Ottawa, Galadza enhanced his knowledge of Ukrainian while living in Lviv in 1999-2000 with his parents and two sisters, Marika and Ivanka. Residing with students from Ukraine at the Pontificio Collegio Russicum in Rome since 2008 has also enabled him to develop his knowledge of Ukrainian.

Daniel has been a youth counselor and member of Plast, and completed his “matura” at Ottawa’s Lesia Ukrainka School of Ukrainian Subjects.