A Makeover for Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies

The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, has recently published a new issue of Logos (Volume 46, 3-4), an academic journal devoted to all aspects of Eastern Christian studies, emphasizing both Orthodox and Catholic Eastern Churches, with a special, but not exclusive, interest in the Kyivan (Ukrainian) Churches of Ukraine. Initiated in 1950 by the Yorkton Province of the Ukrainian Redemptorists, the journal is now published cooperatively by the Sheptytsky Institute, with continuing faithful support from the Redemptorists. Logos publishes articles of original scholarship and book reviews together with occasional historical documents. All the contents pertain to the theological (especially patristic), spiritual, liturgical, and canonical life of the Christian East in its Catholic, Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and related manifestations. The journal is also very interested in ecumenical relations not only among Eastern Christians, but also those between various Eastern and Western traditions as well.

After an exhaustive study by the Editorial Board, Logos has recently undergone an extensive restructuring and revisioning process and has emerged in a much stronger form, under the direction of Editor-in-Chief Fr. Andriy Chirovsky. He is aided by Associate Editor Adam DeVille and Managing Editor Fr. Andrew Onuferko, and supported by a closely engaged Editorial Board and a broader Editorial Committee which functions in a more advisory capacity and includes scholars of world renown. The journal is now fully committed to regular publication twice yearly. It continues to expand its subscriber base across North America and indeed around the world, and is found in major ecclesiastical centres such as Rome, Kiev and Constantinople as well as distinguished universities and venues of academic research around the world.

Logos publishes primarily in English, but also features occasional articles and reviews in French and Ukrainian. In addition, major articles in English are followed by an abstract in Ukrainian summarizing the key points of the article. Articles in Ukrainian or French carry a similar abstract in English. While Logos is a peer-reviewed academic journal, its interests and focus are not exclusively academic. It seeks to be accessible to, and relevant for, a generally educated audience of Eastern Christians and others involved or interested in the life and renewal of the Christian Churches.

One of the changes recently implemented in the journal is an expansion of the book review section. This expansion has allowed Logos to more than double the number of reviews as well as to add two new features: a “Briefly Noted” section and a “Books Received” section. The newly expanded book review section is designed to take fuller account of the burgeoning number of publications in Eastern Christianity and to promote greater interest in a larger number of these new books. This expanded bibliographical section also allows readers to follow the expansion of library holdings in Eastern Christian Studies at Saint Paul University’s renowned Jean-Léon Allie Library, one of the best theological libraries in North America.

For more information about subscribing to Logos, contributing articles to it, or submitting books for review in the journal, contact the Sheptytsky Institute at 613 236-1393 ext. 2332 or sheptytsky@ustpaul.ca.