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Saint Paul University in Ottawa is proud to be the home of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies. This Institute is named after the primate of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, Andrey Sheptytsky (1865-1944), who dedicated his life to the furthering of East-West understanding and rapprochement between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. The Sheptytsky Institute was founded in 1986 at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. In September 1990 the Sheptytsky Institute moved to Ottawa, and in May 1992 became an academic unit of the Faculty of Theology.

The Sheptytsky Institute specializes in Eastern Christian Studies, with special but not exclusive emphasis on the tradition of the Church of Kyiv. Its main interests lie in the fields of theology, spirituality, history, and ecclesial polity of the Eastern Churches, both Orthodox and Catholic. The Institute studies all four families of Eastern Churches: Eastern Orthodox, Pre-Chalcedonian, Assyrian and Eastern Catholic.

The Sheptytsky Institute, through the Faculty of Theology, offers undergraduate and graduate university degree programs in Eastern Christian Studies. At the undergraduate level there is a 120-credit Civil Baccalaureate, an Ecclesiastical Baccalaureate (90 credits after completion of one year of university), and a 24-credit Certificate in Eastern Christian Studies. At the graduate level there is a Master of Arts (Th.), a Licentiate in Theology (L.Th.), a Ph.D.(Th.) and a D.Th. in Eastern Christian Studies. Four areas of concentration are offered: Spirituality-Doctrine, Liturgical Studies, Historical Studies, Ecumenism and Eastern Christianity.

Since 1987, the Sheptytsky Institute offers a month-long summer intensive program in Eastern Christian Studies combined with an experience of monastic spirituality. Past locations include: Holy Transfiguration (Mount Tabor) Monastery in Redwood Valley, California; Mother of God Monastery in Orangeville, Ontario; Holy Spirit Seminary in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. [Need to update re MASI Study Days!] Since 1996 the Institute also co-sponsors a summer program in Univ, Ukraine, together with the L’viv Theological Academy at the Ukrainian Catholic University. Additionally, the Institute organizes public lectures on various aspects of the life of the Eastern Churches, offers continuing education programs for clergy and is involved in community outreach in several dioceses in North America and Ukraine, produces video and print materials for theological education in the Eastern tradition, and provides consultative services for dioceses, school boards and parishes in need of expert advice. The work of the Sheptytsky Institute is made possible by an endowment from the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute Foundation, which operates under the moral and financial aegis of the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops of Canada.

The Sheptytsky Institute publishes a peer-reviewed journal, Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies. It also publishes two series of scholarly books in theology: Studies and Documents.

An important component of the Sheptytsky Institute is its Byzantine Rite Chapel of Sts. Joachim and Anne, where members of the University community can participate in the liturgical life of the Eastern Churches in English, French, Ukrainian and other languages. The Institute Chapel welcomes all to its regularly scheduled worship.

The Acting Director of the Sheptytsky Institute is Very Rev. Peter Galadza. Right Rev. Dr. Andriy Chirovsky is the founder of the Sheptytsky Institute and holds the Peter and Doris Kule Chair of Eastern Christian Theology and Spirituality. Very Rev. Dr. Peter Galadza holds the Kule Family Chair in Eastern Christian Liturgy, and there is a third chair proposed in Ukrainian and Eastern Christian Church History. On August 1, 2004 the Very Rev. Dr. John A. Jillions joined the Institute as an assistant professor specializing in Eastern Christian Studies and Ecumenism. Rev. Dr. Andrew T. Onuferko was the Acting Director of the Institute from 2002 to 2006. Fr Stephen Wojcichowsky served as director from 2007-2013, and Fr. Alex Laschuk as Acting Director from 2013-2014.

The Chapel and offices of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies are located on the second floor, Laframboise Hall, 249 Main Street, Ottawa. For further information, please contact the Institute at the following address:

The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies
Saint Paul University
223 Main Street
Ottawa ON K1S 1C4 Canada
Toll-free Phone: 1-800-637-6859 (ext. 2332)
Local Phone: 613-236-1393 (ext. 2332)
Fax: 613-782-3026
Email: sheptytsky@ustpaul.ca