Easter Newsletter

Pascha, 2011 

Were not our hearts burning within us?

Luke 24:32

 Dear Friends in Christ,

These words spoken by two of Jesus’ disciples after they encountered the Risen Lord could very well represent the fervour with which we approach the anniversary year of the founding of our Institute. Over the years we have emphasized with enthusiastic zeal our deeply felt gratitude for all the blessings we have received and for our many and notable accomplishments.

 Undoubtedly, there were challenging times in the 25 years since Father Andriy Chirovsky founded the Institute in    Chicago in May 1986. But it was precisely when our way ahead seemed uncertain, when reversals spoiled our best intentions, when disappointments tested our perseverance, that the Risen Lord spoke to our hearts the words Jesus Himself addressed to His disciples in their time of desolation, “Peace be with you. Be not afraid. I am with you always.”

It is this faith – faith in the Risen Lord, faith in the prayers of intercession of our mighty patron Metropolitan Andrey and faith in the vocation given to us – that has nurtured us. And it is your faith in us, your moral and material support, your prayers to strengthen our work that have ensured that we can continue to grow in our mission for the theological education of our Church and for outreach to all who seek the “Light of the East” – Christ Our Lord!

As we celebrate this Feast of Feasts, Julian and Gregorian calendars together, let our hearts burn with joy that —

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen! 

Yours faithfully in our Lord,

Father Stephen Wojcichowsky, Institute Director

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Icon of Christ the Saviour (courtesy of St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church, Weston, ON )  Iconographer:  Very Rev. Theodore Koufos