Father Yuriy Sakvuk Successfully Defends Doctoral Dissertation

(l-r): Rev. Dr. Peter Galadza, Rev. Stephen Wojcichowsky, Dr. Michael Fahey, Rev. Dr. John Jillions, Rev. Dr. Andriy Chirovsky, Rev. Dr. Yuriy Sakvuk, Dr. Gregory Bloomquist, Dr. John Huels, Rev. Dr. Andrew Onuferko, Dr. Catherine Clifford

On March 16, 2011 Rev. Dr. Yuriy Sakvuk successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, Seven Criteria for the Ecclesial Identity and Vocation of a Particular Church: The Development of an Interpretive System Based on the Ecclesiology of Vatican II and Verified Against the Work of the Kyvian Church Study Group.

As Director for the doctoral thesis, Father Andriy Chirovsky commented, “Father Yuriy Sakvuk has masterfully treated the issue of the universality and particularity of the Church, devising a system of interdependent criteria with which to analyse the level of ecclesial maturity of the various churches of the Catholic Communion. It has been an honour to have worked with him over the last ten years.”

The four examiners during the defence were Dr. Catherine Clifford (Professor, Saint Paul University), Dr. Michael Fahey (Professor, Boston College) and Rev. Dr. Peter Galadza (Professor, Sheptytsky Institute, Saint Paul University) and Rev. Dr. John Gibaut (Professor, Saint Paul University). Dr. John Huels of the Faculty of Canon Law, Saint Paul University, was the chair of the proceedings, appointed by the Faculty of Graduate and Post-doctoral studies at the University of Ottawa.

Rev. Dr. Yuriy Sakvuk gave a humble and moving speech following the positive outcome of his defence. He stated that he was honoured to be the first Ukrainian-born student to obtain a doctorate at Saint Paul University through the Sheptytsky Institute and thanked his wife and children back home in Ukraine for their support during the process.

“I am delighted for Father Yuriy for having accomplished this milestone on his academic and spiritual journey. Indeed, he has been preparing his entire life for this momentous occasion,” said Rev. Stephen Wojcichowsky, Director of the Sheptytsky Institute, Saint Paul University.

Fr. Yuriy will concurrently receive the Ph.D. in theology conferred jointly by Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa as well as the pontifical S.Th.D. through the ecclesiastical accreditation of Saint Paul University. As the seventh person to have graduated from the Sheptytsky Institute with a doctorate in Eastern Christian Studies, he joins Rev. Dr. Cyprian Hutcheon (2003), Dr. Michael Petrowycz (2005), Dr. Adam De Ville (2008), Dr. Suzette Phillips (2008), and Rev. Dr. Danylo Kuc (2009), and Dr. Brian Butcher (2010) all of whom are teaching in various universities.