Fr. Andriy on the Blessed Repose of Met. Andrey Sheptytsky

November 1, 2015
Fr. Andriy Chirovsky Preaching on the Anniversary of the Blessed Repose of Venerable Metr. Andrey Sheptytsky at St. George’s Cathedral, Lviv, Ukraine (in Ukrainian).

Fr. Andriy contrasts the rich man who ignored the poor Lazarus in the Gospel parable with the wealthy Metropolitan who gave everything he had to his people. Among other things, Fr. Chirovsky mentions that scholars like Dr. Yevhen Sveryda have established that the value of Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church properties confiscated by the Soviet regime would amount to roughly 12.5 billion dollars. Much of this had been built up during Metropolitan Andrey’s four decades at the helm of the Church. For his impoverished Church he founded schools, orphanages, printing presses, free clinics, agricultural co-operatives, even factories to employ the job-starved young people and banking and insurance concerns to re-invest in the community. He was a holy man who was also an amazing leader and a very good steward of material resources, raising his Church up from dire financial straits through sound community-minded investment, using his own family’s wealth as seed money.