Patriarch Sviatoslav emphasizes importance of Sheptytsky Institute

During a reception welcoming him to Chicago for the Golden Jubillee celebrations of the St. Nicholas Eparchy, His Beatitude Sviatoslav I, Patriarch of Kyiv, Halych, and all Rus’-Ukraine, received the Spring 2011 issue of Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies in which the editorial focuses on his election as the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.  Fr. Andriy Chirovsky, founder of the Institute and Editor-in-Chief of Logos, presented the publication to His Beatitude.

During a photo session, the Patriarch acknowledged that he was getting his photo taken with his former professor, since His Beatitude was a student at the Sheptytsky Institute’s Summer Intensive Program at Mount Tabor Monastery in California in 1995. Patriarch Sviatoslav emphasized that the Sheptytsky Institute must be preserved and developed, since it plays a crucial role in the life of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church, especially outside Ukraine.  There are institutions in Ukraine that serve Ukraine, he stated, but the Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies is unique in that it serves the needs of the Kyivan Church outside of Ukraine,not just in Ukraine, and this is a crucial role to play.

He reminded Fr. Chirovsky that during the last Patriarchal Sobor in Brazil in August of this year, he made several references to the Sheptytsky Institute as an example to be followed by the UGCC in other parts of the world. “turn to the Sheptytsky Institute for guidance,” he said.  “They will help you to get similar ventures started.  They have the experience. “.  Indeed, The Sheptytsky Institute is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding by Fr. Chirovsky at Chicago’s Catholic Theological Union in May of 1986.