Thursdays at the Sheptytsky: Nov. 23: Egyptian Martyrdom and Monasticism

On Thursday, November 23, the Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies at the University of St. Michael’s College invites you to attend another evening in the series “Thursdays at Sheptytsky” at Windle House (5 Elmsley Place). This Thursday’s lecture “Egyptian Martyrdom and Monasticism Meet 21st-century ‘Post-Christian’ Secularity” is presented by guest speaker Fr. John Boutros, MD, of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Christianity from the cities and deserts of Egypt has much to say about the ideas and trends proposed by contemporary Western secularity. Coptic Orthodox young people in Canada discuss and confront these challenges every day; and they have seen how an age-old faith, Tradition and practice can respond to current thought, culture, and lifestyles. Fr. Boutros will share and reflect on their experience.

Fr. John Boutros, MD, is priest of the young, downtown Toronto parish, St. Moses & St. Katherine Coptic Orthodox Church. Ordained in July 2012, he was previously a pediatric surgeon. Now, Fr. John serves a wide-variety of urban dwellers, students, and young professionals. He is passionate in his concern for the marginalized, the poor, and others forgotten by society. Fr. John was married in 2011, and he and his wife are new parents to a baby girl.