Volumes 39 (1998) No. 1 Table of Contents


The Future Eastern Catholic Theology (1)

Посмертний спомин: о. проф. Петро Б. Т. Біланюк (1932-1998) (5)


Eastern Catholic Theology – Is There Any Such Thing? Reflections of a Practicioner
Robert F. Taft (13)

What is Eastern Catholic Theology? Some Ecclesial and Programmatic Dimensions
Peter Galadza (59)

Orthodox in Communion with Rome: The Antinomic Character of Eactern Catholic Theology
Andriy Chirovsky (71)

What is Eastern Catholic Theology? Beyond Classicism Towards Liberation
Myroslaw Tataryn (89)

Notes, Essays, Lectures

L’héritage d’un pacificateur: Vasile Hossu (1919-1997)
Radu Roscanu (109)


Conferral of Honourary Doctorates on Peter and Doris Kule (127)

Book Reviews

Paul Robert Magosci, A History of Ukraine
Peter Galadza

Contributors (137)

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