Volumes 39 (1998) Nos. 2-4 Table of Contents


Ecumenical Co-operation Without Ecumenism? (149)

Papers and Discussions of the International Symposium on English Translations of Byzantine Liturgical Texts – PART 1

Translating Liturgically
Robert F. Taft (155)

Translating Liturgy
Ephrem Lash (191)

Liturgical Translations in the Melkite Church
Nicholas J. Samra (225)

A Survey of the Liturgical Translations of the Byzantine Catholic Metropolia
David Petras (241)

Ukrainian Catholics: Four Translations of the Divine Liuturgy. Some Early Translations
Serge Keleher (267)

Notes, Essays, Lectures

The Hilandar Research Library and the Resource Center for Medieval Studies at the Ohio State University
Predrag Matejic (403)

Book Reviews

Miroslav Volf, After Our Likeness: The Church as the Image of the Trinity
Myroslav Tataryn

Thomas M.Finn, From Death to Rebirth: Ritual and Conversion in Antiquity
Myroslav Tataryn

Kilian Mc Donnell, The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan: The trinitarian and Cosmic Order of Salvation
Myroslav Tataryn

Petro B.T. Bilaniuk, Studies in Eastern Christianity
Andriy Chirovsky

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