What’s Happening at MASI this Week? 13 August 2013

What’s Happening at MASI this Week? 13 August 2013

We are quickly approaching the halfway period of the month of August. It’s hard to believe that in three weeks these hallways will be bursting with students! We are in the midst of the late-summer rush to finish projects here at the university, and the staff have had the joy of fire-alarms and power-outages as the renovations continue to different parts of the buildings before students arrive.

Today, the 13th of the month, is also the feast of the venerable Maximus the Confessor. Maximus was a man who did not shy away from proclaiming the truth. He spoke up for the reality of the Son having both a human and divine will (Dyothelitism, against the heresy of monothelitism); for this he was found guilty of heresy and lost his tongue! (And you think our class debates are heated now!) His position was ultimately accepted by the Church at the sixth ecumenical council (Constantinople III).

Let us the faithful fittingly praise the lover of the Trinity,
The great Maximus who taught the God-inspired faith,
That Christ is to be glorified in His two natures, wills, and energies;
And let us cry to him: “Rejoice, herald of the faith.”

-Kontakion in the 8th tone

If you’ve not checked it out yet, we’ve been uploading audio files online (available here). Fr Andriy’s recent interview on Wake Up, Tucson! is there, as well as 8 “Sheptytsky Institute Minutes” from Fr Peter that aired on the radio.


Fr Robert Taft SJ Celebrates 50 Years of Priesthood

On July 27, Fr. Robert Taft, SJ, renowned liturgist, celebrated his 50th anniversary of presbyteral ordination at the Jesuit Center in Weston, MA. The reception and dinner were organized by MASI alumnus, Dr. Daniel Galadza, of the University of Vienna. Daniel was Fr. Taft’s research assistant in Rome. Approximately 80 scholars, friends and family members attended the event. Fr. Peter Galadza brought greetings on behalf of MASI. Fr. Taft remains a member of the the International Advisory Board of Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies.

MASI Professor and Alumnus at Fr. Robert Taft's 50th Anniversary of Ordination

MASI Professor and Alumnus at Fr. Robert Taft’s 50th Anniversary of Ordination


Fr Andriy on the Radio

Fr. Andriy Chirovsky is an occasional guest on the Radio Program “Wake Up,Tucson!” on KVOI 1030 AM in Tucson, AZ.On August 8, 2013 Fr Andriy was again a guest on this program. Check out the audio at http://yourlisten.com/Sheptytsky!

Fr Andriy with Chris DeSimone, co-host of "Wake up, Tucson"

Fr Andriy with Chris DeSimone, co-host of “Wake up, Tucson”


Upcoming Events:

August 14, 12:00: Divine Liturgy, Sts Joachim and Anna

August 21, 28: NO DIVINE LITURGY

September 4: Classes begin, NO DIVINE LITURGY

September 9: Services begin, Feast of Sts Joachim and Anna, 11:00 Matins, 12:00 Liturgy, 1:00 Presentation (bring your own lunch!)

September 26, 7:30 PM: Lecture by Fr Bob Wild of Madonna House

October 18, 7:30 PM: Lecture by Fr Josiah Trenham