What’s Happening at MASI this Week

What’s Happening at MASI this Week? May 29, 2013

May has come and gone.  In Ottawa it seems the warm weather is here to stay. The hallways are deserted as students have left for the summer; the occasional conference group does, however, offer some smiling faces and inquiring minds. The quiet-time allows for some administrative catch-up time and some exploration of exciting new projects.

This past week the Canadian Council of Churches (of which numerous Orthodox Churches, and the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church,  are members) met at Saint Paul University. We also had a visit from a member of the ATS (Association of Theological Schools) accreditation team who is evaluating the Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University. Fr Alexander, Fr Stephen, and Dr Butcher all had a chance to sit with this special guest.

This week is also a week of new beginnings: this is the last week that Fr Stephen is with us as director, preparing for his return to Edmonton, and as a result Fr Alexander takes over as the interim director on June 1. Fr Stephen and his wife Maria will still be with us in Ottawa for a few more weeks.

While our Institute Chapel of Sts Joachim and Anna follows the new-style (Gregorian) reckoning, several of our institute members do belong to communities which follow the old-style (Julian) calendar. This week is Mid-Pentecost by this latter reckoning. We rejoice with our brethren on the Old Calendar, and with them exclaim:

Christ God, the Creator and Master of all / Cried to all in the midst of the Feast of the law: / Come and draw the water of immortality! / We fall before You and faithfully cry: / Grant us Your bounties, for You are the Fountain of our life!

– Kontakion of Mid-Pentecost


MASIF Recognized at SPU Donor Event

On Wednesday May 22 in the atrium of Laframboise hall (the old Saint Paul Seminary building), the relocated donor wall was officially unveiled. This wall had previously been located in the Élisabeth Bruyère Atrium in Guigues hall (by the library). The decision was made to locate it to a more visible location so as to promote donor-recognition. There are six-categories of donors, divided by total donations since 1991 (when electronic records of donations began). MASIF is in the highest of these categories, the Founder’s Circle, and is currently the third-largest donor to Saint Paul University since 1991. Numerous donors and members of the SPU faculty and administration were invited to the event, which was followed by a light lunch. Fr Alexander and Fr Stephen both attended on behalf of the MASI community to recognize the great accomplishments of our Foundations and our Benefactors. May God grant you all many years!  (If you’re able to contribute to help us reach #1, click here! We are hoping to implement an on-line donation system in the near future.)

SPU Donor Wall Unveiled

Fr Stephen and Fr Alexander at the SPU Donor Wall Unveiling

MASIF Plate on the "Founder's Circle"

Trilingual MASIF Plate on the “Founder’s Circle”

Upcoming Events at MASI

  • Wednesday May 29, 12:00: Divine Liturgy, Sts Joachim and Anna Chapel
  • Saturday June 8, 7 pm: Farewell event for Fr Stephen and Maria Wojcichowsky, St John the Baptist Shrine
  • July 5-7: MASI Study Days, Edmonton ON